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HinoWatch ensures you are protected night and day, year round - with roadside assistance for your Hino Truck anywhere throughout the United States and Canada. Simply call the HinoWatch toll-free number, 1-866-365-HINO [4466], and provide your vehicle identification number, current truck location and problem description. All calls to HinoWatch are free to Hino owners and a representative can make arrangements to get you back on the road in one of sixty-five languages.


We will arrange a tow truck, when required, to the closest Hino authorized dealer within 250 miles. If a dealer is not available, your Hino Truck will be towed to one of our 22,000 other preferred repair facilities.


HinoWatch covers the following at no charge to the customer:


Lockout Service

If you're locked out, HinoWatch will help get you back in your truck and back on the road.


Out of Fuel / Out of DEF

A HinoWatch vendor will arrive with fuel(1,2) or DEF(1,3) to get you on your way.

Customer is responsible for fuel, DEF, and roadside service costs.

2005 - 2010 model year trucks receive fuel at no cost.

DEF only for use with 2011 model year or newer trucks.


Battery Jumpstart

Whatever the reason, HinoWatch coverage means that someone will be on hand to give you a jump-start.



Customers can call anytime to find out the nearest dealer location or get answers to basic vehicle operation questions.



HinoWatch will assist the customer in arranging for a tow if requested. It is the customer's responsibility to coordinate a method of payment with the tow provider at the time the services are rendered. If the truck is towed to the closest authorized Hino dealer and the necessary repairs are covered under Hino warranty, the Hino dealer will reimburse the customer for the tow expense upon completion of the repairs. If the necessary repairs are not covered under Hino warranty, the tow expense will not be reimbursed.


Tire Service

HinoWatch will assist the customer in arranging for roadside tire service if requested. HinoWatch will connect you to a local tire service provider that can assist you with roadside tire repairs.


Feel free to contact your local Hino dealer for more information about our HinoWatch road-side assistance program.


Terms and conditions apply.